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What are stablecoins?
DeFi - Stablecoins are tokens designed to have stable prices by being pegged to a “stable” asset like the US dollar.
How to use other L1 chains?
Intro to Web3 - Other L1 chains offer faster and cheaper transactions than Ethereum mainnet. In this guide, we'll cover Solana, Avalanche, and Terra.
Odyssey DAO | Web3 Learning Pathways for everyone!
Learn about all things web3 with Odyssey DAO. Learning paths dive in to Crypto, Blockchain, DAOs, DeFi, NFTs and much more with Non-dev AND developer pathways. Onboarding 1 million people to web3, we hope you'll join us on the Odyssey to the ownership economy.
Odyssey DAO - Web3 Reference Learning Pathway
Explore our web3 glossary and resources to dive in further.
Odyssey DAO - DeFi Learning Pathway
Learn how to save, borrow, and invest your crypto assets. We'll cover core DeFi concepts such as decentralized exchanges, lending and borrowing, and yield farming.
DeFi path: Where to explore more?
DeFi - Congratulations, you've completed the DeFi path! Here's what you can explore next.
Odyssey DAO - Breaking into Web3 Learning Pathway
Follow our step by step guide on how to transition to web3 full time.
What can I do with DeFi?
DeFi - You can use DeFi to do almost everything that you can do in TradFi (traditional finance). However, DeFi is risky, so we recommend that you start slowly.
Odyssey DAO - DAOs Learning Pathway
DAOs are communities that are collectively owned and managed by their members. In this path, we’ll cover how DAOs work, how to find DAOs to contribute to, and how to create your own DAO.
Why invest in crypto?
Intro to Web3 - Cryptocurrency is digital money that’s stored on a blockchain. We'll cover why you might want to own crypto and how.
How to provide liquidity?
DeFi - Liquidity providers (LPs) are users that fund a liquidity pool with a pair of tokens in exchange for a cut of trading fees and reward tokens.
Odyssey DAO - NFTs Learning Pathway
Learn how to buy, sell, and mint NFTs. We'll also cover how to find a great NFT project and how to create your own.
NFT path: Coming soon
NFTs - We are just getting started with this NFT learning path. Sign up with your email below to be the first to know when new guides are published.
How to stake crypto?
DeFi - You can earn yield by staking your cryptocurrencies to validate blockchain transactions. Let's explore why you should stake crypto and how.
DAO path: Coming soon
DAOs - We are just getting started with this DAO learning path. Help us write these guides by contributing to our crowdfund or joining our community.
Odyssey DAO - Intro to Web3 Learning Pathway
Start here if you're new to web3. Learn the core concepts, how to buy cryptocurrencies, and how to set up and secure your crypto wallet.
What is a DAO?
DAOs - A DAO is a community that’s owned and managed by its members. Let's compare DAOs to traditional companies to understand how they work.
How to avoid getting rekt in DeFi?
DeFi - Learn how web3 beginners can avoid getting rekt while exploring DeFi with these tips.
Where to explore more?
Intro to Web3 - Here's what you can explore next after completing our Intro to Web3 path.
What is DeFi?
DeFi - DeFi (decentralized finance) refers to financial services that run on smart contracts instead of relying on middlemen such as banks or exchanges.
Web3 glossary
Web3 Reference - The best way to break into web3 is to start doing things in web3. Here's a practical checklist that you can follow to get involved right away.