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Odyssey DAO | People Working in Web3
Discover how others made the transition to Web 3 full time. Odyssey DAO has collected a list of people who now work in Web 3! Stay tuned to their journeys here.
Odyssey DAO - People of Web3, Nour Assili
Head of Growth at The Blockchain Acceleration Foundation - Nour is passionate about democratizing finance and banking the unbanked in Africa.
Odyssey DAO - People of Web3, Matt Kim
Co-founder & CEO at Smoothie - Matt runs a newsletter where he deconstruct crypto trends and share those insight with visual storytelling.
Odyssey DAO - People of Web3, Gresshaa Mehta
Product Design Lead at Orca Protocol - Gresshaa is a product designer at Orca Protocol and a grad student at University of Washington.
Odyssey DAO - People of Web3, Kinjal Shah
Partner at Blockchain Capital - Kinjal is a partner at Blockchain Capital.
Odyssey DAO - People of Web3, Alejandro Arango
Digital Artisan at, JUMP, Mirage - Alejandro writes about complex topics and shares insights in an accessible way.
Odyssey DAO - People of Web3, Breck Stodghill
Engineering at Zora - Breck is a Zora engineer by day, and angel investor for DAO Jones by night.
Odyssey DAO - People of Web3, 0xMitz
Community Manager at Index Coop, Onboarding Champion at GitcoinDAO - 0xMitz is a food science graduate who found her passion for community in web3.
Odyssey DAO - People of Web3, Juliette Chevalier
Co-founder & Engineering Lead at Surge, Developer Advocate at Aragon - Juliette helps engineers build DAOs and onboards women onto Web3.
Odyssey DAO - People of Web3, Catherine Shyu Sullivan
Senior Product Manager at Coinbase - Catherine leads products at Coinbase and is also a photography NFT creator.
Odyssey DAO - People of Web3, Emmanuel Nogueira
Co-founder at Cryptomexa - Emmanuel is a co-founder at Cryptomexa, a web3 design studio.
Odyssey DAO - People of Web3, Chase Chapman
DAO Contributor, Podcaster - Chase is a cofounder-turned-advisor at Decentology, a DAO contributor at Index Coop and Rabbithole, and hosts a podcast called "On the Other Side".
Odyssey DAO - People of Web3, Dave Bean
Partnerships and Business Development at Gear Technologies - Dave is helping to build Gear's ecosystem through strategic partnerships.
Odyssey DAO - People of Web3, Alex Finden
Co-founder at Mammalz - Alex manages the community and live content experiences at Mammalz, and also actively contributes to Odyssey DAO.
Odyssey DAO - People of Web3, Chika Uwazie
Founder at Afropolitan DAO - Chika is a co-founder of The Afropolitan DAO with a mission to build a Pan-African Network State.
Odyssey DAO | Your Web3 Learning Odyssey Awaits
Odyssey DAO is a Web3 learning community helping one million people join the Web3 economy. Learn about web3, blockchain, crypto, smart contracts, NFTs, DAOs, DeFi (decentralized finance), breaking into Web3, web3 job opportunities and more!
Odyssey DAO - People of Web3, Jane Sorkin
Community Lead at - Jane believes in the power of community and loves building relationships with people.
Odyssey DAO - People of Web3, Jason Shah
Product Lead at Alchemy - Jason leads product and growth at Alchemy. Check out his newsletter at
Odyssey DAO - People of Web3, Will Lawrence
Product Manager at Paxos - Will writes about product, frameworks for life and early career growth.
What is web3?
Intro to Web3 - Why does web3 matter? Let's cover the key differences between web1, web2, and web3 along with why web3 is the ownership economy.
Web3 glossary
Web3 Reference - The best way to break into web3 is to start doing things in web3. Here's a practical checklist that you can follow to get involved right away.